The Dimensional shift Guitar

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Welcome to The Dimensional Shift Guitar! I will be using this site to share my music with anyone and everyone. Spread the word and let it be known!

Until recently I've done just instrumentals. Now I have undertaken vocals on some tracks as well. Look forward to those!(or maybe not?)

Vocal tracks are now available. Check out Reverbnation or my youtube channel.

Get lost in Nebulae

Genres and there songs...

I play a multitude of different genres(mostly metal) and here are some of songs.

Some Jazz type stuff

Back Alley Bastard
Carl Perry Jr
Barista Girl
Carl Perry Jr

A softer side...

Carl A. Perry Jr

A little smooth groove now and then...

Get in the Groove
Carl Perry Jr

A little melody...

Putting Life Aside
Carl Perry Jr

Metal of course...

Against a Hell Beast
Carl Perry Jr

Some Rock too...

Taking that Road
Carl Perry Jr

Links to my youtube and such here

Pictures are given along with the music on my youtube channels. Even some old stuff can be found if you dig.

Full song listings and downloads available at REVERBNATION.

Unimportant short musical bio here...

Always liked the sound of a guitar. I never took it upon myself until the time I started working at Wal-Mart. I had money and bought a guitar from there. Been playing ever since. Started writing music about 2 years in or so.

Latest Released Tracks

The Chase
Carl Perry Jr
Swan song for a simple guy
Carl Perry Jr
Losing Cybertron
Carl Perry Jr

Current Weapon of Choice

LTD M-200-FM